Last week, we glimpsed Shia LaBeouf riding shotgun in a friend's Ford Ranger. Now we see Twilight actress, tween fave, and Joan Jett stand-in Kristen Stewart doing the same in her mom's truck. This recession thingamabob must be more serious than we'd imagined.

In describing her mom's ride, you'll note that we only said "truck". That's because we're called, so we're not always up to speed on every pickup or motocycle or scooter or hovercraft cruising the roadways. Sure, we have a pretty thorough understanding of truck world -- many of us being truck-drivers -- but we can't quite reach a conclusion on this one. Is it a Mitsubishi, perhaps? Or could it be a late, lamented, curiously named, mid-90s Isuzu P'UP? Nobody knows for sure. (Though we're betting on the Isuzu.) Luckily, we're talking about Kristen Stewart here -- an actor known for her moody, distant roles -- so a little mystery seems par for the course.

But enough about that. The exact make and model of the truck are almost insignificant. (Although if she were slung up in a Ford F150, we might raise a brow or two.) The fact is, K-Stew is America's superhuge "It Girl" of the moment, and yet she's running errands with her look-alike mother in a very dusty, very garden-variety, light-duty truck. That's the kind of down-to-earth vampire chick we want to go drinking with -- assuming she's old enough.