General Motors and Koenigsegg Group AB, a consortium led by supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg, have officially reached an agreement over the sale of Saab after nearly two decades of American ownership. GM has confirmed today that it has signed a stock purchase agreement with Koenigsegg Group AB regarding the sale of 100% of the shares of Saab.

The deal is expected to conclude in the next months and will then secure Saab’s future, with the Swedish automaker set to exit legal reorganization shortly. The stock purchase agreement will be subject to agreed closing conditions, namely, the guarantee of funding commitments from the Swedish government, as well as transitional assistance from GM.

As part of the proposed transaction, GM and Saab will continue to share technology and services during a defined time period, all managed through licenses and service agreements.
Koenigsegg co-owner Baard Eker has previously stated that his company has several good solutions to bring into Saab. Strong words coming from a man whose company has less than 50 employees and turns out only a handful of $1 million supercars each year, but with the new funding Saab should be able to successfully launch three new models over the next 18 months and hopefully see the company become an innovator of technology like it had been in the past.

The three new models planned include the recently revealed 9-3X as well as the new 9-4X and aforementioned 9-5. Koenigsegg, meanwhile, will reportedly benefit from Saab’s existing production facilities and plans to use the capacity for its upcoming Quant electric supercar.

Last year Saab saw its global sales drop 25.5% to just 93,338 units and 2009 is expected to be even lower. The struggling automaker had originally filed for reorganization under Swedish Law on February 20, 2009.