Carroll Shelby's formula for racing success with the AC Cobra was simple: take one part lightweight British roadster, add one part wicked American muscle, mix, and serve. The formula is still a good one, but now it's gone all-American thanks to ICONIC Motors.

First revealed by AC Cars back in 2008 as the GTR Roadster, then unveiled in the flesh at last year's Top Marques Monaco event as the MkVI AC Cobra, ICONIC has partnered with AC to present the AC Roadster. The car sports a 6.9-liter V-8 rated at 800 horsepower married to a classic AC-styled roadster chassis weighing in at about 2,400 pounds. That's good for 60 mph in under three seconds, according to the company.

The ICONIC AC Roadster isn't all 60s under the skin, however, with a number of modern additions to the chassis and equipment. The chrome-alloy tube steel is augmented by a carbon fiber passenger tub, for instance, with aluminum honeycomb elements bonded to the steel chassis. The result: a stiffer, more rigid basis to hang the suspension from, yielding better handling. Pictures do a better job of describing the difference, however, and the gallery above doesn't disappoint.

The car is now available for order, with first deliveries to come in 2011.

[ICONIC Motors via Autoblog]