News of concept supercars these days is usually accompanied by talk of superchargers and turbochargers, 1000hp (or even 2000hp!) engine specs, and outrageous 0-60 times. Sleek bodies are designed to look great and provide the absolute best aerodynamic properties. Projected top speeds fall in the 200-300mph range. Then the ICONIC AC Roadster hits the scene. It's not shaped like a wedge, it's got a plain old naturally aspirated V8 (although it's a big one), and neither its horsepower nor its torque spec breaks 1000.

Although those figures may seem lacking compared to its competition, it's no sloth. ICONIC Motors promises a top speed upwards of 200mph and 0-60 time of less than 3 seconds! Its whiplash-inducing performance comes, in part, thanks to an impressively low (estimated) curb weight of only 2400lbs. A powerplant capable of 800hp and 660Lb-ft of torque will certainly have an easy time getting it moving.

Like the original Shelby Cobra, the AC Roadster isn't just meant to go in a straight line, so ICONIC has given plenty of attention to its chassis as well. The suspension and braking systems more closely resemble a Le Mans prototype racer than a muscle car. But then, the Cobra has always been so much more than a muscle car. In keeping with 21st century practices, the design of the AC Roadster is rooted in extensive computer aided drafting and testing. It's Cobra 2.0.

Since the AC Roadster's concept debut in 2008, engineers at ICONIC have been perfecting its design and proving its performance. The company, in partnership with AC Cars, is finally ready to bring the reborn roadster to customers in 2011. Orders are already being accepted, although no word has been given on the car's price.

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