Mercedes-Benz is out testing a new member of its EQ family of battery-electric vehicles.

It's a crossover that Mercedes is currently referring to as the "EQS SUV," and it's due on sale in 2022 likely as a 2023 model.

As the name suggests, the EQS SUV will be a high-riding counterpart to the 2022 EQS hatchback. Both EQS models will form part of an expanded S-Class family. Smaller EQE and EQE SUV models are also coming. The EQE, a hatch, is also out testing.

These EVs are all designed around Mercedes' first dedicated EV platform, known as EVA (Electric Vehicle Architecture). It's the familiar skateboard design and, depending on the model, will support a driving range approaching 400 miles on a charge.

Other Mercedes EVs like the EQA, EQB and EQC are all based on platforms originally developed for internal-combustion models, hence many of the packaging benefits of EVs couldn't be fully realized. This isn't the case for EVA-based models.

Production of the EQS SUV and smaller EQE SUV will be handled at Mercedes' plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The EQS SUV will also spawn a high-end Maybach variant, and we could also see a sporty AMG variant at some point. Both Maybach and AMG versions of the EQS hatch are known to be in the pipeline. The AMG EQS is already out testing.