The Mercedes-Benz EQC battery-electric SUV may never end up reaching the United States, based on recent comments made by a company spokesman.

"Following a comprehensive review of market developments, the EQC will not be offered in the United States for now," a Mercedes spokesman told Autoblog in an interview published Sunday.

The EQC made its global debut in 2018 and was originally due to reach the U.S. in 2020. A year after the debut, Mercedes said the EQC's U.S. launch would be pushed back to 2021.

The wording of the Mercedes spokesman leaves the door open for the EQC to be offered here sometime down the road, though we wouldn't count on it given the new vehicles Mercedes has in the pipeline.

The EQC is based on the bones of the GLC-Class which is due to be redesigned in the not too distant future, meaning there's an opportunity to redesign the EQC together with the GLC-Class. However, it's more likely that Mercedes will rely on two additional electric SUVs it has in the works to fill in for the EQC.

One of these is an electric version of the GLB-Class and the other is an EQE SUV that will be based on the EVA dedicated electric-vehicle platform debuting shortly in the EQS sedan. The electric GLB-Class, to be called an EQB, is due for a reveal later in 2021 and is expected to be built at Mercedes' plant in Mexico. The EQE SUV, which should be similar in size to the EQC, is due in 2022 and confirmed for production at Mercedes' plant in Alabama.