What should have been a fairly mundane traffic stop turned into a viral video in less than two weeks. YouTuber "Stig's Persian Cousin" posted an interaction with an Oregon State Trooper in which there's a major riff between knowledge of local and international driving laws.

It appears the YouTuber resides in the United Arab Emirates, and every couple of years, he imports his Lamborghini to North America for a road trip across the U.S. and Canada. In Oregon, a state trooper stopped him because the Lamborghini did not have any license plates. In fairness, that's a pretty easy call for an officer to initiate a traffic stop.

However, the conversation quickly runs off the rails. The state trooper asked for registration and why the car didn't have license plates. The driver said the car was legally imported for a short period of time to enjoy a North American road trip. The state trooper dug in and declared the car must wear plates registered in the U.S. to drive the car locally, which is not true, per Oregon law.

According to Oregon Live, state law does not require vehicles registered in any other country, state, or territory to bear local registration. That's as long as the vehicle owner is not a resident of the state or has been a resident for fewer than 30 days.

The driver made it clear to the state trooper that he was, indeed, a tourist on a vacation and provided the import documentation, an international driver's license to operate the car, and proof of insurance. Unfortunately, the state trooper didn't seem to care for the paperwork and asked for more documentation.

As the driver explained how the process works, the state trooper suddenly declared he received another call and quickly left the scene. Watch in awe as it all unfolds in the video above.