Disney is ready to bring fans of the "Cars" films into an immersive new world. Walt Disney World Resort announced on Thursday that it will open the Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy in March.

The show will even feature one of the coolest elements from "Cars 3," the racing simulator McQueen uses to hone his skills. To be clear, fans will not be strapped into a racing simulator (though, how cool would that be?). Instead, they'll watch McQueen as he tackles the simulator in real life. The announcement said there's an interactive part of the show, but Disney World didn't provide more specific details.

The announcement proclaimed guests will be part of the "next-generation of rookie racers" and McQueen will guide those who participate through the world of "Cars." McQueen will also help fans learn the rules of the road and provide new, never-before-known elements to the character's story as told by McQueen himself.

The show will also feature a few other notable characters from the films, including Tow Mater, Cruz Ramirez and more from Radiator Springs. After the show, fans can also snap a picture with Ramirez as a keepsake.

Our inner child is excited, and we'll learn more about the show and experience before Disney opens the attraction on March 31.