• Lightning McQueen Cars 3 trailer

    Disney is ready to bring fans of the "Cars" films into an immersive new world. Walt Disney World Resort announced on Thursday that it will open the Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy in March. The show will even feature one of the coolest elements from "Cars 3," the racing simulator McQueen uses to hone his skills. To be clear, fans will not be strapped into a racing simulator (though, how cool would that be?). Instead, they'll watch McQueen as he tackles the simulator in real life. The announcement said there's an interactive part of the show, but Disney World didn't provide more specific...

  • Scene from 'Cars 3' teaser trailer
    'Cars 3’ trailer reveals movie plot, main villain

    After the somewhat ominous initial teaser trailer for "Cars 3" hit the web in November, we’ve been eager to find out more about the upcoming animated movie. The first full trailer is out and reveals not only the movie's plot but also the main villain—a C7 Chevrolet Corvette-resembling...

  • Cars 3 Teaser Trailer
    New 'Cars 3' teaser is an intense way to spend 49 seconds

    Remember when Pixar made movies for kids? Ask anyone who's watched the first 15 minutes of "Up!" or sat through the existential question called "Wall-E" and they'll tell you that computer-animated movies can get real deep, man. We'll say the same about this teaser for the upcoming "Cars 3" movie...

  • Hot Wheels Video Racer
    Now You Can Video That Awesome Stunt: Hot Wheels Video Racer

    It's either the CIA's next technique for keeping track of kindergarten violence or the best thing to hit die-cast cars since working steering. What are we talking about? Mattel's Video Racer cars. The latest generation of the world-famous Hot Wheels series will let kids everywhere see a previously...

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