Remember when Pixar made movies for kids?

Ask anyone who's watched the first 15 minutes of "Up!" or sat through the existential question called "Wall-E" and they'll tell you that computer-animated movies can get real deep, man.

We'll say the same about this teaser for the upcoming "Cars 3" movie, which is due out next summer.

Clearly, the protagonist "Lightning McQueen" is back for another go-round—literally and figuratively. The teaser doesn't feature any real indications of what to expect this time around, except for a Corvette C7.R-ish looking character that may be called "Ignitr" and maybe a pair of electric race cars. (Maybe we went a little Zapruder on the trailer. Maybe.—Aaron)

Oh, and by the looks of things, McQueen is involved a horrific crash, evidenced by the flying debris, lost wheel, and intense breathing in the background soundtrack.

In short, it seems like "Cars 3" is readying us for a turn from "Cars 2," which inexplicably included Brent Musberger and other even worse plot turns.

We were huge fans of the original "Cars," not only because it was entertaining and compelling, but also because it included the late, great Paul Newman.

Here's hoping the cast of "Cars 3" trades Larry the Cable Guy for Kimi Raikkonen. That's only fair after what they gave us the last time.