Lewis Hamilton in his McLaren MP4-12C persona

Lewis Hamilton in his McLaren MP4-12C persona

F1 star Lewis Hamilton has confirmed that he will be making a cameo in the new Cars 2 movie from Disney Pixar, revealing via his Twitter page that he’ll be appearing as the McLaren MP4-12C supercar.

Hamilton posted on Twitter: “Hey guys, big news--I'm going to be in Disney Pixar's Cars 2! Take a look at my car... This is wicked;)”.

The role is only fitting considering Hamilton’s position as driver for the McLaren team and follows in the trail of rival driver Michael Schumacher who appeared in the film’s first installment back in 2006, where the Mercedes GP driver appeared as a Ferrari F430.

In the latest film, the main character, Lightening McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, heads around the world and makes some stops in Japan and Europe. Not surprisingly, the movie will also feature another famous Brit, actor Michael Caine, who provides the voice for an old Aston Martin.

Cars 2 opens nationwide on June 24. Enjoy the film's most recent trailer, pasted below.