Lightning McQueen is coming back to the silver screen this summer, in "Cars 3," and this time our favorite animated race car is dealing with a fall from grace.

As a new generation of racers leaves McQueen at the back of the pack, it seems his racing days are long past the checkered flag. But, eager young race technician Cruz Ramirez steps in to lend a helping hand (tire?) and bring McQueen back up to speed to reclaim his former glory.

Knowing the same old ways aren't going to cut it, it seems we'll be treated to plenty of training between McQueen and Ramirez as both aim to take down the film's antagonist, Jackson Storm, a lighter, faster, and more powerful racer than McQueen.

The trailer also seems to take a very human approach, deeper than anything we'd imagine from a Pixar movie. Just take a look at the first teaser trailer for "Cars 3" and it's apparent we're in for a darker, more relatable side of Lightning McQueen. That trailer merely shows McQueen crashing and rolling in a shower of parts and sparks engulfing the screen. Deep stuff for a children's movie.

But, we have no fear McQueen and a new cast of characters will help catapult "Cars 3" to new heights with plenty of lighthearted moments and enjoyable banter. 

"Cars 3" opens on June 16, 2017.