• Oregon State Trooper stops tourist in Lamborghini

    What should have been a fairly mundane traffic stop turned into a viral video in less than two weeks. YouTuber "Stig's Persian Cousin" posted an interaction with an Oregon State Trooper in which there's a major riff between knowledge of local and international driving laws. It appears the YouTuber resides in the United Arab Emirates, and every couple of years, he imports his Lamborghini to North America for a road trip across the U.S. and Canada. In Oregon, a state trooper stopped him because the Lamborghini did not have any license plates. In fairness, that's a pretty easy call for an...

  • Lyft Oregon Trail Celebration
    Get a Lyft in a covered wagon to celebrate the Oregon Trail

    Lyft is no stranger to fun promotional tie-ins, and the latest celebrates 175 years of the Oregon Trail. This week, Lyft will offer covered wagon rides in downtown Portland, Oregon, free of charge to commemorate the historic route. Fifteen-minute rides will be given in the covered wagon with...

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