Just a few short years ago, there would have been no way we'd believe that a mainstream automaker would sell a street-legal, 840-horsepower coupe. But Dodge does just that and the car is appropriately called the Demon.

As is often the case though, tuning shops love taking already insane things and making them truly crazy. Case in point, Hennessey Performance Engineering now has a Demon making 1,013 horsepower—at the rear wheels.

The car is called the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon HPE1200. That 1200 bit refers to the power generated at the crank. Most of the increased output is achieved by swapping out the standard 2.7-liter supercharger for a 4.5-liter unit. Hennessey also fits the Demon HPE1200 with new headers, fuel injectors, and a fresh engine tune. When all is said and done, this Demon now throws down 1,013 rear-wheel horsepower and 954 pound-feet of torque.

2018 Hennessey HPE1200 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

2018 Hennessey HPE1200 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Hennessey has been wrenching on the Demon ever since the car was available for sale. Earlier in the year, Hennessey's HPE1000-spec Demon was showing off a bit when it dashed down a quarter-mile drag strip in just 9.14 seconds. The trap speed at the end of the run was 152 mph. Traction will certainly be an issue with both the HPE1000 and HPE1200, but we need to know just how much faster the more powerful version can run.

Since this isn't just a quick machine, Hennessey offers further upgrades that include an NHRA legal roll cage and a parachute. If you're going to be driving something so incredibly powerful, it makes sense to up your safety gear.

While we don't recommend a roll cage for a street-driving machine, if you're going to take your Demon HPE1200 to the dragstrip, that cage might just be required. In fact, the stock Demon technically needs a roll cage in order to run at NHRA sanctioned events. If you show up to such an event with the Hennessey-tuned version, you better have sprung for that cage and parachute as well.