The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is already one hell of a car, but Hennessey Performance Engineering has (of course) gotten a hold of it and made it something more.

With the company's HPE1000 package, the Demon makes a whopping 880 horsepower at the rear wheels. That equates to around 1,035 hp at the crank!

We've already seen HPE take the HPE1000 Demon down the drag strip, and today's video is more about how the car behaves under more civil driving. Not that owners will be doing much civil driving, but we digress.

In the video, the test driver takes the extra demonic Demon down Hennessey's test track in Sealy, Texas, and it's absolutely incredible to watch the speedometer jump from 40 mph closer to three digits in a matter of seconds. In another full-throttle instant, the HPE1000 Demon has no issues reaching over 140 mph. At the same time, grab a look at how quickly the car guzzles fuel via the gauge. It's mesmerizing.

Hennessey's biggest upgrade over the stock Challenger Demon is a 4.5-liter supercharger over the stock 2.7-liter unit. The full package adds a new throttle body, headers, fuel injectors, and an HPE calibration to make sure all of the new components play nice. All of the goodies are good enough to send the car down the quarter mile in 9.14 seconds.

In the words of the late Billy Mays, "but wait, there's more." Henessey also has plans to bestow the Demon with up to 1,500 hp with an NHRA-spec roll cage and a parachute to adhere to NHRA racing regulations. It seems possible HPE's forthcoming package could help the Demon dip into the high 8.0-second range at the drag strip. We'll be waiting to find out.