It's been over three years since we first heard about the Godsil Manhattan V16 Super-Coupe project, and now it seems we'll finally get to see what this thing looks like.

On June 26, Jason Godsil, CEO and founder of Godsil Motorscars, says he'll release images of the luxurious coupe's design.

The first teaser image depicting the car's front end has been released, and it appears to have an angular design with angry-looking LED daytime running lights.

The latest teaser images give us a glimpse at the Manhattan V16's taillights, marker lights, and show the word Godsil on the front fender in a teal colored neon light. We also see the rear of the large coup will feature a "boat tail" design.

In case you forgot, at the end of 2013 Godsil released a teaser sketch of the luxury car together with a few details. While light on information, we did learn the V16 Super-Coupe would be powered by, naturally, a V-16 engine. While this in itself is both awesome and ludicrous, the engine has also been designed to run on natural gas.

Just two years after that first sketch was released and the car was announced, we sat down with Godsil himself and discussed the development of the V16 Super-Coupe. At the time, he had just released mock-up images of the engine which was still being developed.

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Godsil Motors Manhattan V16

Godsil Motors Manhattan V16

Handing the development of the V16 Super-Coupe's engine is Stephen Chue, who was previously a president and technical director of Katech. The Michigan-based company has close links to General Motors and was also responsible for the V-16 engine used in Cadillac's Sixteen concept. You might say Chue knows a thing or two about building such massive engines.

In a day and age where cars are almost becoming comoditized, it's refreshing to see an outfit making a go at it on their own with something outlandish and certainly unique.

At the same time, building cars is hard. Hurdles range from development costs, which can range into the billions, to the expense of simply meeting regulations.

Whether the Manhattan V16 hits the streets is a question we won't have an answer to for a while, but we will get to see the car's design soon, and that's something to look forward to.