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  • Godsil Divino

    On Monday, we brought you the first images of the Manhattan V16, a luxurious grand tourer proposed by American startup Godsil Motorcars. But long before Godsil founder and namesake Jason Godsil dreamed of reviving America’s once proud ultra-luxury automotive sector, he hoped to build a supercar to serve as a spiritual successor to the Ford GT40. Back in 2001, years before Ford launched its first GT, Godsil started designing the Divino after watching a documentary on the GT40. His design called for a mid-engine layout and clamshell covers front and rear, just like Ford's Le Mans winner...

  • Godsil Manhattan V16
    Godsil Manhattan V16: a luxury halo car for America

    In the early parts of the last century, some of the world’s most luxurious cars were being built in the United States. You had brands like Packard, Duesenbergs and of course Cadillac which everyone will tell you was once the “Standard of the World.” The Great Depression hurt...

  • Godsil Manhattan V16 Super-Coupe teased
    Godsil Manhattan V-16 Super-Coupe teased, design coming June 26

    It's been over three years since we first heard about the Godsil Manhattan V16 Super-Coupe project, and now it seems we'll finally get to see what this thing looks like. On June 26, Jason Godsil, CEO and founder of Godsil Motorscars, says he'll release images of the luxurious coupe's design. The...

  • Godsil Manhattan V16
    Godsil Manhattan V-16 super-coupe is being developed, we talk to Jason Godsil

    Just over two years ago we introduced you to the Godsil Manhattan V16 super-coupe. A new car from a new startup luxury car company that you had never heard of, we wrote it off as something we would love to see happen but would likely become vaporware. Two years later Jason Godsil, founder and CEO...

  • Teaser for Godsil Manhattan V16
    Godsil Manhattan: V-16 Super-Coupe we'll probably never see

    The list of startup automakers that have successfully broken into higher echelons of the market is a very short one. Pagani springs to mind, as does Koenigsegg. But such companies are very much exceptions to the rule, and each got off the ground as much through using tried-and-tested...

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