We slid behind the wheel of the 2016 BMW M2 for a video road test; SEMA brought us the Ford Mustang GTT; and a collection of supercars was seized. It's the Week in Reverse, right here at Motor Authority.

Toyota built a Land Cruiser that is supposedly capable of hitting 220 mph. How? A host of modifications from aerodynamic and suspension components to a V-8 with 2,000 horsepower. Of course, this creation is featured in the automaker's booth at SEMA.

We slid behind the wheel of the 2016 BMW M2 for a video road test. The verdict? BMW still knows how to build a proper sport coupe. Watch the video for our complete driving impressions.

The Ford Mustang was once again voted the Hottest Coupe of SEMA. Of course, the muscle car is featured in more booths than you can count. You'll find every form of Mustang you can think of from wide-body models to supercharged, turbocharged, stanced, and the list goes on.

The supercar collection of Equatorial Guinea dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo's son has been seized, again. The list of cars includes everything from a Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg One:1 to a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. The cars were taken away by a group of trucks courtesy of the Swiss authorities in Geneva.

Ever wonder what a cross between the Ford Mustang and GT supercar would look like? Thanks to SEMA you no longer have to wonder. California-based tuner Zero to 60 Designs created what is being called the Ford Mustang GTT. The extra T signifies the tribute to the new GT supercar.