Question: What's better than a Lamborghini?

Answer: A Lamborghini that doubles as a boat.

Sure, Ferruccio Lamborghini got his start by building tractors, not supercars, but we bet he would be more than a little impressed with this Lamborghini Countach-bodied amphibious car.

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Truth be told, the Z1A, as it is known, only has a body molded from a Countach. It did not emerge from Sant'Agata like a real Lamborghini.

Still, it is a lot more interesting to look at than an Amphicar, and it is definitely a one-of-a-kind creation.

The amphibious car is currently for sale on eBay UK for about $27,000, but the seller admits that it is in need of quite a bit of work before its next owner hits the high seas and opens up its Italian V-12 engine (OK, so it actually has a British V-8, and not an Italian V-12).

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Regardless of what's under its hood, the seller states that it was at one point the world's fastest amphibious car.

Interestingly, it began life as a right-hand-drive model that was converted to left-hand-drive only to be returned to right-drive specification once again.

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