Singer is the reason you play the Powerball. These are the folks who take a Porsche 911 and "reimagine" it into something more.

Porsches modified by Singer have a habit of being more tailored, more bespoke, more special—and far more expensive. Singer Vehicle Design is based in California and it was founded by Rob Dickinson in 2009. Rob is a singer (see how that name might've come about?) and he's also related to Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson (yes...the Bruce Dickinson). He's had a heck of a journey with Singer since its start, and now that journey is expanding into Asia.

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Historic Motoring Ventures is partnering with Singer Vehicle Design to take those bespoke restoration services to Malaysia and Singapore. So if you're a Porsche 911 fan in those areas and you want to make your 964 even better than it already might be, you're now in luck. Historic Motoring Ventures will assist customers in those regions in finding donor Porsches to which Singer can then apply its bit of restoration magic. Presuming, of course, you can pony up the many tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars for said magic.

Historic Motoring Ventures

Historic Motoring Ventures

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The cars will still be modified and designed in California, but the future owners will have a liaison directly tapped into what's happening in the States. It makes for an easier means of communication for potential new Singer customers thanks to the groundwork of Historic Motoring Ventures.


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