Lamborghini's iconic Miura is in the midst of its 50th birthday celebration this year, and the automaker has a number of events planned to mark the anniversary.

While the big unveiling occurred last month at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, Lamborghini is taking to the stand this weekend at the 2016 Techno Classica in Essen, Germany to showcase what its Polo Storico restoration division can do.

Displayed alongside the 1971 Geneva Motor Show Miura that Polo Storico restored last year is what's called a "body in white," or a full Miura body and chassis that has been completely stripped of its interior, its mechanicals, its sound deadening, and its paint.

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This particular Miura SV is chassis number 5030, putting it about 180 cars behind the green Miura SV restored last year. The green car was the Miura SV prototype, while 5030 was a standard production Miura SV currently undergoing restoration for an unspecified owner.

Lamborghini says that after it stripped 5030, it put the chassis on a jig to straighten its body panels out after more than 40 years on the road. It will next be treated with an anti-rust agent before being prepared for paint.

It's the most raw Miura possible, and it represents what Polo Storico is capable of doing for well-heeled owners.

Additionally, Lamborghini also has a fully overhauled Miura P400S engine on display. The engine, from Miura 4644, was refreshed using modern iterations of classic spare parts produced by PoloStorico.