As interest in the world of classic cars continues to soar—some would even call it a mania—Lamborghini is catering to the needs of owners of some of its most storied models such as the Miura and Countach by expanding and relaunching its Polo Storico restoration department.

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Similar to the Ferrari Classiche and Porsche Classic departments at rival brands, Lamborghini’s Polo Storico includes a vehicle restoration center that in addition to offering maintenance and repairs also offers full vehicle certification and numerous genuine spare parts for all historical Lamborghini models (i.e. any model no longer in production).

When restoring a classic, not only are the parts and materials important but also the methods and processes. This is particularly important when it comes to having vehicles certified as being as close to an original as possible. At the Polo Storico, owners can have the originality of the components of their classic checked by a technical committee which, if compliant, will then issue the certificate, helping to protect the value of the car as well as providing the market with authentication.

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And you don’t have to be an owner of a classic Lamborghini to enjoy the Polo Storico, as the department also includes a new archive, Archivio Storico, which maintains all the documentation of historical Lamborghini models, as well as technical schemes, body colors, leathers, images and various publications made by the company. All the documents are original but digital copies are now available for owners, fans and journalists alike.


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