Engine swaps into Smart ForTwos aren't all that uncommon, but there's a special kind of absurdity with this one's 1,500-horsepower, helicopter-sourced jet engine.

Technically, Mike West's Smart car wasn't the recipient of an engine swap since it retains its stock unit for on-road driving. Instead, its passenger seat was swapped out in favor of the aforementioned jet engine.

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The engine is a tight fit since it appears to rub against the front of the dash, but it is fairly obvious that practicality wasn't the goal for West's urban runabout.

The video calls it the "world's fastest" Smart, but a straight line test would be required to verify that claim. Remember, there's also a big block-equipped ForTwo out there.

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As the video from the folks at Busted Knuckle illustrates, the Smart's new powertrain allows it to offer something tailgaters might not appreciate: the ability to throw flames. Of course, the jet engine isn't exactly legal for road use, but it is fun to imagine what could be possible. 

We're looking forward to another video someday showing the 1,500-hp ForTwo sprinting down a straightaway, rather than running around in circles at the Monster Jam Nationals. Monster Jam made a fun exhibition, but this thing was built for high speed.


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