Driving a 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat on pavement is thrilling in its own right. Add ice to the mix and things start to get really interesting. 

But what about hitting triple-digit speeds on ice? Say, 171 mph, for what's believed to be the world record for a Dodge Challenger on such a slippery surface.

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That's what Alex Danielsson did at Årsunda Speed Weekend in Sweden recently in a new Challenger SRT Hellcat fitted with a set of the gnarliest studded tires we've ever seen.

Admittedly, there is no Guinness World Record category for driving a Dodge Challenger at speed on ice, but Danielsson would probably be awarded if there was.

Officially, if there's such a thing as official in this case, Danielsson piloted the Challenger to 170.6 mph. That's no small feat by any stretch of the imagination given the difficulty of the terrain combined with the Challenger's notoriously tail-happy demeanor.

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One watch of the above video (and all 4 minutes are worth your while) shows how intense this record-setting run was for Danielsson.

Oh, and if you're wondering, dry pavement and nerves of steel are enough to motivate a Challenger Hellcat to 202 mph.


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