On the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage, the consummate car enthusiast spends some time in what's definitely one of the most complex and intriguing vehicles featured on the show yet, a once-dilapidated 1915 American LaFrance fire truck that has been thoroughly re-imagined and reborn.

Vehicle mastermind Gary Wales created the truck, which he dubs the LaBestioni Rusty Two. Once simply a rusted out frame with a few bits still bolted to it, the truck is now a custom showpiece brimming with personality.

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Mechanically, it isn't all that far off of what originally emerged from the American LaFrance factory more than a century ago with its 14-liter 6-cylinder engine (yes, you read that right: 14 liters!). A three-speed manual gearbox delivers power to the rear wheels.

The body, however, is what makes it the most special. Wales envisioned it on his own, eschewing much of its work-oriented past in favor of a far more stylish shape. A mish-mash between restored brass and clear-coated rusty steel, it is a hugely detailed (not to mention genuinely huge) piece of machinery.

But don't let us tell the entire story. Wales is enthusiastic about his creation and he tells just about everything in the 20 minute video.


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