Pontiac may no longer be around but you can still go and buy a new Trans Am. You can even buy one approved by the Bandit himself, actor Burt Reynolds.

The folks at Trans Am Depot, which for years have been building new Screaming Chickens based on the bones of the fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro, have launched a new Trans Am inspired by the famous black and gold example that starred in Reynolds’ 1977 hit movie Smokey and the Bandit.

It’s called the Trans Am SE Bandit Edition, and just 77 examples will be built, representing the year of the movie’s release as well as the model year of the car featured on screen. Trans Am Depot has built similar cars in the past but what makes the latest so special is that Reynolds was involved in the design and development. Each of the 77 cars will also bear his signature.

The cars will also come with a genuine t-top roof and a General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] small-block V-8 stashed under the hood that’s been tuned to deliver 840 horsepower. There are also numerous visual tweaks made to the design of the donor Camaro so that it resembles the design of the ’77 Trans Am. Of course, there’s also a big bird plastered on the hood.

Pricing starts at about $115,000, which includes the cost of the donor Camaro. Given the resurgence in Trans Am popularity following the recent auction of some original examples related to the Reynolds movie, build slots for the 77 Trans Am SE Bandit Editions probably won’t last long.