While laser lighting has been getting a lot of press lately, nearly every luxury carmaker has shown some sort of concept or project with OLED lighting; BMW is perhaps among the foremost, alongside Audi.

Back in January, BMW promised to deliver OLED tail lights on an M vehicle in the near future. A new report from Car and Driver pegs that M vehicle as the upcoming M2.

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BMW has previously shown OLED lighting in concept vehicles, including the M4 Concept and the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept. While those applications are likely a bit more extreme than what will ultimately end up in production due to safety regulations, the compact nature of OLED lighting does open new avenues for styling in tail lights and other applications.

The M4 Concept Iconic Lights, announced at CES, gives us our best preview of what to expect from the OLED tail lights of the 2016 BMW M2 when it arrives in late 2015 or early 2016.

Multi-element lighting, layering, three-dimensional effects, and a wide variety of vivid colors—again, constrained by safety regulations—translate to both striking design and high visibility in the M4 Concept Iconic Lights examples.

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