Mercedes-Benz has hinted on several occasions that its latest S-Class will eventually be offered in as many as six different bodystyles. The first two to hit the market were the regular model sold overseas and long-wheelbase version that we get as standard in the U.S. Later this year we’ll see the new S-Class Coupe launched, and this will be joined shortly by an S-Class Convertible that we’ve previously spied in prototype form.

That leaves us with two bodystyles to be determined. One of these we know will be an extra-long version that is expected to wear the Maybach tag and debut at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show in November. The use of the Maybach tag is appropriate since the car is designed to fill the void left by the ill-fated ultra-luxury brand.

Now we have just one unknown: the identity of the sixth and final S-Class variant. A prototype spotted in Germany suggests that the final variant will be an extra, extra-long version of the S-Class designed to be used primarily as a limousine for state functions.

Photos of the prototype posted on Bild (via World Car Fans) show that the car is significantly longer than the already long S-Class Maybach previously seen testing. The prototype was spotted outside the Brabus factory in Bottrop, Germany and is said to be a massive 21 feet in length. An insider has revealed to Reuters that this is the version of the S-Class that will feature the Pullman name.

Mercedes has offered Pullman versions of its S-Class in the past (see above), and these were always specialty models built to order and came with full-length, three-box passenger compartments--just like the latest prototype. The extra length will allow Mercedes to offer rear-facing seats in the middle. Expect the car to also be available in armored form.

Stay tuned for an update.


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