The winter storms that hit the South this season were no laughing matter. Cars were crashed, people were stranded, a few unlucky souls died. But as someone who lives in the South and has seen the impact of these storms first hand, I can't help but enjoy the dark humor in One Inch Of Snow.

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It's a spoof movie trailer, and it shines a light on the inanity of the situation--that so little snow, relative to more northerly climes, could cause so much havoc. There's also a Yeti and a screaming goat.

More preparation--both on the part of the cities and the people--and more experience dealing with snow and ice would have been the difference between the tragedy that happened and the non-event those storms should have been. But we're all human, even down here in the South, and mistakes happen.

This season's winter weather is likely past for the South, though a late-February snow storm isn't unheard of. With luck, we'll have a year before we have to face the challenges again.

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Hopefully, we won't be caught unprepared next time. If tires like these prototype Nokian retractable-stud units are ever produced, we expect to see strong sales in the South. Even if they're only used once every few years.

Thanks to Frank L. for the link!