It's 1964, and the Ford Mustang is coming, but it hasn't arrived in any owners' hands yet. People all over the country are excited about Ford's affordable new sporty car. Then Gail Wise rolls down the street in a powder blue convertible and everyone loses it.

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This is the first Ford Mustang ever sold to a customer, and it's still in the hands of the woman who bought it out from under a tarp in the back room of Johnson Ford. The dealer sold the car before it was officially on sale.

Over the years the car has seen a lot of use, eventually falling into disrepair. But then, when it was time to get rid of it or fix it, Wise's husband, Tom, completely restored the car.

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This is the story of the world's first customer-owned Mustang and its owners. It's not especially dramatic or eventful. If anything, it's rather ordinary--but that's part of the Mustang's brilliance: its ability to capture the hearts of people and hold on, whether they're dyed-in-the-wool enthusiasts or not.

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