So, you've got an Austin Mini, a Toyota Celica GT-Four, and a few screws loose. What do you do? You put the all-wheel-drive turbocharged powertrain from the Celica into the Mini. That's exactly what the crazy bastards at Bad Obsession Motorsport have done.

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Now, the brilliant Brits are back with another update on Project Binky, and this time the world's most mental Mini built sees a removable flip-front bodywork installation--with a fully functional bonnet (hood!) and a pair of freshly refurbished (completely reconstructed) doors installed, as well as a few other goodies.

In the previous seven parts of the series, which we found via the ever time-sucking and excellent Build Threads, you'll see the Mini stripped and cut into parts, heavily re-fitted with new sheet metal, and, gradually, turned into something that's becoming truly brilliant and more than a bit insane.

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Along the way you'll be peppered with British wit, the A-Team and Star Wars theme songs, and some wacky theorizing. All in all, it's a fun jaunt into the shared madness of all gearheads--if you haven't done something like this, you've imagined it in detail.

Grab a big mug of something, sit back, and absorb several hours of awesomeness. There's more to come yet, so stay tuned for the next steps on the route to the finished build.