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  • Episode 9 of Project Binky is here

    That’s right folks. Throw out all hopes of productivity for the next 26 minutes and 47 seconds. Episode 9 of Project Binky is here. ALSO SEE: One Guy Now Owns Two Lamborghini Venenos (Probably) With the frame (essentially) finished, the powertrain fitted (but not yet installed), and the body (mostly) ready to go on, this insane mashup of an Austin Mini and a Toyota Celica GT-Four is starting to finally look like a (nearly) finished project. As astonishing as Project Binky is likely to be when done, the fabrication, thought, and effort put into the build are even more so. CHECK OUT...

  • The colorful gents from Bad Obsession attempt the impossible
    Project Binky 4WD Austin Mini Build - The Body Is Nearly Complete: Video

    So, you've got an Austin Mini, a Toyota Celica GT-Four, and a few screws loose. What do you do? You put the all-wheel-drive turbocharged powertrain from the Celica into the Mini. That's exactly what the crazy bastards at Bad Obsession Motorsport have done. DON'T MISS: 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Does A...

  • Project Binky gets most of its body in place in Episode 6
    Project Binky Mini GT-Four Approaches The Finish Line: Episode 7

    You want to be like these guys when you grow up--or rather, if you never grow up. Plying their wily fabrication skills and dry wit on a mashup made in rally heaven, the dynamic duo from Bad Obsession Motorsport deliver us the seventh episode of the awesome Project Binky. Episode 7 brings us ever...

  • The colorful gents from Bad Obsession attempt the impossible
    Project Binky AWD Mini GT-Four Is Back: Episode 5

    Project Binky is the brainchild of the guys at Bad Obsession Motorsport in the UK. Combining an Austin Mini with a Toyota Celica GT-Four's drivetrain and suspension, while building a race-worthy structure along the way. It's an incredible dive into the world of highly custom engineering and...

  • OSVehicle Tabby
    Build An Open-Source Electric Car In One Hour, For $4,000: Video

    The OSVehicle Tabby is touted as the first open-source car to be sold to consumers.

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