You want to be like these guys when you grow up--or rather, if you never grow up. Plying their wily fabrication skills and dry wit on a mashup made in rally heaven, the dynamic duo from Bad Obsession Motorsport deliver us the seventh episode of the awesome Project Binky. Episode 7 brings us ever closer to the completion of what may well become one of the world's fastest Minis.

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Stuffing a Toyota Celica GT-Four's all-wheel-drive, turbo running gear into an Austin Mini, without widening or lengthening the shell, Project Binky stands as one of the most detailed, dastardly feats of automotive madhattery on the whole of the Internet.

Best of all, nestled in the snarky Britishisms and schoolboy humor is a tutorial in the skills and techniques needed to essentially build a roadworthy racing car from scratch. You'll laugh, you'll learn, you'll subscribe for the rest of the series.

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If you've missed any of the rest of Project Binky, you can see Episode 6 below, and some of our previous coverage, or dive into the Bad Obsession Motorsport YouTube channel.