Flaming exhaust tips make for great visuals. Seeing fire shoot from the back of a car means that sound and fury are working together to create a visual pop of excitement. It also means you're probably running a bit rich. You also might be rich, which means you can afford to buy a McLaren 12C and then fit an aftermarket exhaust system on the car.

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Such is the case for a man in the Netherlands who purchased the 12C, and then fitted it with an Akrapovic exhaust. This setup allows for said McLaren man to produce great flames from the rear end of his 12C.

At a recent supercar event, he had a crowd cheering him on as he revved his motor over and over. Each time, a burst of fire shot out the back of the car. Fire doesn't go too well with body panels, and you can probably guess what happened next. (Especially if you read the title of this piece).

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Sitting still and revving the motor created enough continual afterburner action to melt a portion of the rear bumper. This is why you should enjoy your flaming car whilst driving down the road. The fire isn't as constant, and the bumper doesn't get treated like S'Mores.

Regardless, it seems the owner was having fun and we applaud him for that. He can probably afford to fix the bumper.


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