Taking a fast and powerful car and making it faster and more powerful can be tricky business if you want to push the limit. For example, the Lamborghini Gallardo is already a high-strung Italian beast that can hit high speeds. Not the high speeds that that folks that hit dragstrips are looking for, however, which is where the tuner companies come in to play.

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Underground Racing can take the Lamborghini Gallardo and make it a bonkers machine. The car in the video shown above reportedly produces 2,500 horsepower thanks to a host of upgrades, including a pair of turbos. That amount of power will push the upgraded bull down a drag strip quite quickly, as you may have guessed.

That's an understatement, really. The driver winds up hitting a top speed of 250 miles per hour over the course of one mile. That distance was covered in less than 24 seconds. Still, it's clear that this amount of speed and power can create issues. Right before the Gallardo trips the finish line lights, the car shoots flames rearward.

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That's not good.

Thankfully, the driver is able to bring the car to a stop safely. Additionally, he's clearly ready for such an issue to arise as he unstraps his belts, and has the door open and ready for his exit. The safety crew reacts quickly as well, and it looks like the car is saved from a toasted-to-the-ground fire fate. Still, a pretty scary situation to be in.


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