You can barely move for customized Range Rovers in trendy city districts these days, but Overfinch was tuning the British SUVs long before it was fashionable to do so. The company has now turned its attention to the automaker's latest product, the Range Rover Sport.

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At £87,995 (nearly $150,000 at current exchange rates) the Overfinch Range Rover Sport isn't cheap, but it's a thorough job and reasonably tasteful in execution. Work starts under the hood, where the top-end Range Rover Sport's 5.0-liter supercharged V-8 gains 42 horsepower on the standard 510-horse output. That's courtesy of an ECU reflash, revised exhaust system (which exits via an Overfinch quad tailpipe setup) and supercharger upgrade.

Styling is also tweaked. You'll not have failed to notice the car's Body Styling Package, with a larger front splitter, new LED daytime running lights integrated into the bumper and split rear spoiler, which Overfinch says creates an 'X' graphic when viewed from behind with the new rear diffuser. A range of 21-23 inch alloy wheel designs are available, while Overfinish also offers interior trim upgrades--various types of wood and of course carbon fiber are on the options list.

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Color and trim are all up to the owner too but they'll be a rare sight--for the U.K., the company will produce just 100 cars per year.


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