Project Binky is the brainchild of the guys at Bad Obsession Motorsport in the UK. Combining an Austin Mini with a Toyota Celica GT-Four's drivetrain and suspension, while building a race-worthy structure along the way. It's an incredible dive into the world of highly custom engineering and fabrication.

Catch up on the backstory of Project Binky if you aren't current--otherwise, Episode 5 brings you a look at the final structural work on the chassis, from the bulkhead to the rear wheel arches.

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Progress has moved from the two separate donor cars, the Mini rusty and worn out, and the GT-Four tired but serviceable, to the single, nearly unified--and soon, hopefully, driving--Binky.

Coating all of this mechanical and metallurgical excellence is a dry and friendly humor that turns a lesson into a learning.

Find more on Project Binky, including outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage at the official Bad Obsession Motorsport YouTube channel.