Certain cars are magnets for tuners, and the Nissan GT-R is one of them. While it seems like a pretty complete car out of the box, there's plenty of potential to be unlocked. In fact, there's a veritable war being fought among GT-R modifiers, who keep pushing the Japanese supercar's performance into extreme territory.

The latest salvo has been fired by Extreme Turbo Systems, which ran a modified GT-R through the quarter mile in 7.81 seconds at 183 mph, according to World Car Fans. No specific details on the car have been released, but the power output must be outrageous. The new world's quickest GT-R will reportedly head to the Airstrip Attack 5 event for some half-mile runs.

But with its most recent quarter mile run, Extreme Turbo Systems took the title from AMS Performance and its Alpha Omega GT-R. That car was able to cover 1,320 feet in 7.894 seconds, thanks to a staggering 1,700 horsepower at the wheels. Its trap speed on the record run was slightly higher than the Extreme Turbo car's, though: 186 mph.

The AMS GT-R also holds the record for world's fastest GT-R, with a recorded top speed of 214 mph on a half-mile run. Will the Extreme Turbo Systems GT-R take that record too? Or will AMS answer it with an even quicker GT-R?

The war continues.


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