In its quest to overtake its main rival Toyota, especially in the lucrative US market, Volkswagen is considering developing new pickup truck models to expand its range. In addition to the new utilities, officials are also planning to develop a “family of small vehicles,” as revealed by CEO Martin Winterkorn during an interview with the Financial Times. Pictured above is a one-off Touareg pickup concept built by Volkswagen Individual.

VW is keen to strengthen its image in the US, where sales of pickups dominate the market. According to Winterkorn, VW is targeting a sales tally of eight million vehicles by the end of the decade. Last year, VW sold just under six million vehicles. By contrast, Toyota managed to move over nine million.

Southeast Asia is another prime target for VW. Its current market share in the region stands at just 0.1%, whereas Toyota commands roughly 25% of the market. As for its small car ambitions, the new up! minicar concept previews a production model set to go on sale before 2010. The concept features a rear-engine RWD platform that, according to Winterkorn, could be used to spawn a minibus, four-door hatch and other mini-variants.