Nissan plans to debut two new concept cars at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the new Stealth Bomber look-alike Mixim Concept and the aptly named Micra Color + Concept. Also gracing the stands will be a heavily revised version of the current Micra minicar.

The new Mixim is a compact vehicle that sports a centrally mounted driver’s seat with two passenger seats fitted on either side. Targeted towards the youth market, the interior features a computer inspired layout with diamond-shaped cut-outs littering the cabin.

Powering the concept is Nissan’s ‘Super Motor’ electric powertrain running on a compact lithium-ion battery array. The drivetrain features two independent motors, one driving the front axle and the other spinning the rear and in effect gives the car AWD capability.

The car’s lines looks as though the initial clay models were hacked with a razor blade and the whole thing is shorter than the Micro minicar that’s also going to be on display the Frankfurt Show. Don't hold your breath waiting on this one to hit showrooms as there's no word on any production plans.


Press Release: Mixim Concept Car

The Mixim concept car is a compact vehicle for young drivers who are mostly engaged by their computer and the world via the internet. The driver sits centrally, with two seats either side, while the steering wheel and controls are inspired by the interfaces so familiar to computer gamers.

Powered by Nissan’s ‘Super Motor’ electric motor/generator and using compact lithium-ion batteries, Mixim has unusually rapid performance combined with a usefully extended range. One Super Motor powers the front axle and a second drives the rear axle, giving Mixim all-wheel drive.

Mixim takes the most up-to-date electric vehicle (EV) technology and clothes it in a svelte and distinctive coupé shape. Its wraparound windscreen, inspired by the visor of a crash helmet, dominates the profile while the swept back windscreen, flowing roofline and sharply truncated rear hints at sporting performance unexpected from an electric vehicle.

Diamond-shaped styling cues feature inside and out, notably on the twin air intakes to the rear of the doors and the front LED driving lights, while an upper triangular side window links the gentle slope of the roof with the dramatic angular slash that runs through the centre of the doors. The rear hatch opens to reveal a large trunk area behind the three seats. An occasional fourth seat is also housed behind the front seat module.

Sitting on a 2530mm wheelbase, Mixim is 3700mm long, 1800mm wide and 1400mm high, the Mixim is shorter and lower than Micra, though slightly wider. It weighs just 950kgs.

Despite being a concept car with no guarantee of being turned into a series production model, Mixim’s development is in line with the Nissan Green Program, the company’s publicly stated desire to create a more sustainable mobile society.

Throughout the show, the Mixim will be driving from a low stage via a ramp to an elevated display platform on the Nissan stand.