Built on the sporty VW Polo GTI as a base, the new Polo cabrio concept brings new life to the compact and usually staid car. The car will be developed by Wilhelm Karmann GmbH, producer of 16 different roof systems, including those of the Pontiac G6 convertible, Renault Megane CC, and VW New Beetle convertible, the open-top specialist has leveraged their expertise to build the latest VW Polo concept.

Karmann's fuel-efficient Polo concept also makes the interior of the vehicle more livable by letting large amounts of light in while preserving passenger safety via its innovative Cabrio Overhead Protection System. The soft top version comes equipped with an independently operated sliding glass roof.

The headliner bears four large electroluminescent (EL) panels that provide ambient lighting when the top is closed, mimicking the feel of an open top even when inclement weather keeps you from enjoying the real thing. The large rear window also slides up with a light press on the VW logo, allowing even more air into the cabin.

Another focus of the Polo concept is an unusual one, for a convertible: luggage space. When you slide the rear window up, you get not only fresh air, but a new access point to the trunk, through which small items can be stowed quickly and easily. The rear seats fold down, and combined with the deep trunk, the Polo provides a significant amount of storage for a convertible, with 148L space when the top is down, and 304L with the top up, an improvement of 34L over the standard GTI.

Exterior tweaks include a new rear bumper with integrated diffuser, central dual-exhaust, and 17" rims. The car is also 140mm longer and 30mm wider than the GTI it's built on, thanks to the COPS technology that strengthens the convertible's roof.