AMS Performance is in the business of making fast cars much faster. More specifically, they're best known for taking the Nissan GT-R and tuning it to insane levels of power and performance. They do this while also keeping the cars streetable.

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This team has the distinction of producing the GT-R examples to run in the nine and eight second range in the quarter mile. They've also fairly recently managed to push their Alpha Omega GT-R down into the seven second range.

They're doing this by producing nearly 2,000 horsepower from the motor, reinforcing the axles, and running the gear with a drag suspension and wheel tire setup. Still, they also drive the car around town calmly... even if the parachute is occasionally still attached to the rear end.

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The AMS team recently put together a video that takes a look at the history of their build process with the GT-R. It also dives into the performance figures they set out to achieve, how they achieved them, and also examining what they'd like to do in the future. It's a great look at an impressive car. How impressive you ask? How does 0-60 miles per hour in 1.72 seconds sound? The Alpha Omega can also blow past 200 miles per hour in a half a mile. Still, these guys occasionally take it on runs for lunch through the local fast food stops. 


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