Newport Convertible Engineering has been chopping the roofs off of vehicles for over 30 years now. The California-based company takes existing vehicles with fixed roofs, and opens them up to the sky. Sometimes the change works, and sometimes it doesn't. They do offer something for everyone though, from Porsche Panamera convertibles to custom-built Range Rover truck and 6x6 conversions. Now, however, the company is taking on a mighty sports car by offering up a convertible version of the Nissan GT-R.

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Is the world ready for a droptop GT-R? It doesn't matter because NCE is ready to deliver. In fact, the NCE website states that there are three different designs to choose from. Based on the pictures found on the website, it appears that this means you can opt for an almost targa like roll hoop behind the seats, a clean finish look, and another style that seems to mimic that of a Porsche Speedster with two large humps behind each seat.

There's no word on pricing for the conversion. We do know that you'd have to be a brave person to hand over your $100k sports car in order to let someone take a saw to it. We're rather curious as to how NCE handles the flexing issues associated with convertibles, especially when dealing with cars that start life as coupes or sedans. Regardless, we imagine someone out there is getting that itch in their wallet to feel the wind in their hair as they run from 0-60 miles per hour in around three seconds.

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