Precision driving takes many forms. Sometimes it involves clipping an apex at 140 mph, sometimes it means dancing a car sideways inches from another while blowing giant clouds of smoke from the rear wheel arches, and sometimes it means putting a very wide, very expensive car in a not-much-wider trailer at 1 mph. Guess which one this Lamborghini Veneno driver is doing?

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It’s the last one, and while it might not sound all that exciting, once you take the $4.1 million price tag into account, the stakes—and surely, the heart rates—rise considerably. Especially when you have to do it in a very tight space in a slippery-making drizzle.

Don’t forget, either, that the Veneno isn’t one of the easiest cars in the world to drive. It’s got a computer-controlled gearbox, sure, but it’s packing considerable heat in the form of a 740-horsepower, 6.5-liter V-12 that’s not entirely happy to just ease along at low speed.

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Worse, if you bash part of into something, you’re probably not just coming away with a little scratch or a dent that can be popped and painted—the car is made almost entirely from carbon fiber and CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic). Scratch it, dent it, and you’ll be replacing handmade panels on one of four examples of the Veneno anywhere in the world.

Sadly, for most enthusiasts, the Internet is as close as they’ll ever get to the Veneno. Fortunately, videos like this one give us plenty of good close-ups and a solid idea of what the car sounds like.


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