The Lamborghini Veneno is one of the rarest cars on Earth—and certainly among the rarest new cars. But one man may just own two of them—a coupe and a roadster.

Only offered to loyal Lamborghini customers, the Veneno line is a hyper-expensive, hyper-focused exercise in hyper design and hyper speed. Kris Singh is one of those customers.

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There are only 13 Venenos—total, including coupes and roadsters. Only 12 will ever see private ownership.

Singh hasn’t confirmed the new Veneno Roadster in his Instagram feed is really his—yet—but it’s painted in his eponymous, exclusive color, Verde Singh—meaning it’s most likely his.

That means Singh may well own 16.66 percent of all of the Venenos, ever.

Yeah, we’re jealous too.