You're staying at your posh Paris hotel. The valet was kind enough to keep your LaFerrari parked right at the curbside entrance. In fact, they were happy both to have it sitting there and to not have to touch it themselves. Not so surprisingly, seeing as this is the Four Seasons George V after all, another ultra-exotic machine ambles up and it gets a spot right in front of your beautiful Ferrari. This time the car is French, so the positioning ahead of you makes a bit of sense.

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You don't mind though, as seeing both cars parked together makes you smile a bit at the absurdity of life in general. The next day you come out and it's time to head on to other wonderful things in your life. The owner of the Bugatti Veyron, with the one-off porcelain paintwork signifying it as a L'Or Blanc, also seems ready to go. He's parked ahead of you, so he's going to go first.

The valet attendant helps you back your car up, seeing as it's tough to find a clear vision to the rear. He's signaling that you can go farther. The Veyron owner believes that signal is for them, as they probably believe everything in life is for them... and who's to argue at this point.

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Inching rearward. Closer. Closer. The mighty Veyron has struck its exhaust outlet. Two hypercar owners now have to get to know each other a little better.


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