Proving that not all LaFerraris are pampered garage queens, one owner of the new Ferrari flagship sent his car into a roadside ditch during a recent road trip. The crash took place last week on the famous Route Napoléon in southern France.

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The car is a U.K.-registered example believed to be owned by British businessman Matthew Munson. On his personal Twitter account, he has a number of photos of the LaFerrari and on Friday jokingly posted the message, “Route napoleon was fun, great roads. Even did a bit of off roading. Long day though!!”

According to information posted to enthusiast website FerrariChat, the only damage was to the mirror and part of the rear quarter. However, on closer inspection of this photo taken at the crash site, there’s extensive damage to the rear diffuser and it looks like the vertical element of the rear bumper has also been snapped—and this is just the damage that we can see.

Fortunately, there was no one injured in the crash. And there should be no problem repairing the car so hopefully Munson will be back enjoying his LaFerrari in no time.

Note, this is actually the second known crash involving one of the limited edition supercars. The first took place last summer in Monaco.


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