Ferrari’s flagship supercar, the LaFerrari, has only been in customer hands for several months but the first crash involving one of the cars since its launch has occurred (a prototype was involved in a crash last year), and it’s not surprising that the crash took place in Monaco. The luxury playground is where the first LaFerraris showed up after deliveries commenced at the start of the year, with numerous videos of the car driving around Monaco’s famous streets having been posted online.

This photo posted by Twitter user @AutoBant shows one very sorry looking example. It was involved in a near head-on crash with a Volkswagen Golf, but it’s not clear who is to blame. The accident took place yesterday, near the Monte Carlo Country Club. The force was severe enough that the airbags of both cars were deployed.

The good news is that nobody was injured in the crash. We also hear that the LaFerrari is likely to be repairable, as the damage sustained appears to be mostly cosmetic. Remember, just like one of Ferrari’s Formula One cars, the LaFerrari features a nose cone structure designed to take most of the brunt when involved in a head-on crash.


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