As part of its updates for its 2015 Viper SRT supercar, Dodge launched a new variant dubbed the “GTC” that buyers are able to customize in virtually any way they desire—and no two Viper SRT GTCs will be allowed to be alike for any single model year, not even when it comes to their color. Of course, buyers have numerous variations to choose from, as Dodge is offering up to 8,000 hand-painted exterior color finishes, 24,000 hand-painted stripe styles, 10 wheel options, 16 interior trims, six aero packages, and host of additional standalone options.

Dodge has now launched an online configurator that allows buyers—as well as anyone just wanting to dream—to play around with a few of the options in order to build their ideal 1-of-1 Viper SRT GTC. With the configurator, you can adjust things like the exterior look, the added packages and groups, and the interior trim, and when you’re done you can save the details to share them with your friends, add to a public gallery or use in an eventual sit-down with a dealer.

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For Viper SRT GTC buyers, Dodge will appoint the services of a “Viper Concierge” whose job it is to liaise with the buyer and help them design the ideal car. From the time the order is placed in the system to the moment the car is delivered, the Viper Concierge will also provide the buyer with behind-the-scenes stories and pictures about their car.

As previously reported, the Viper SRT GTC is based on the Viper SRT GT, which sits between the base Viper SRT and more luxurious Viper SRT GTS. Its pricing starts at $94,995, which is $10k more than the base Viper SRT’s $84,995 sticker. The first 1-of-1 Viper SRT GTCs should start rolling off the line at the Viper’s Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit this month.


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