In stock form, you already know what the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat is capable of achieving when it comes to power. That figure of 707 horsepower is burned into the brains of everyone who's ever read anything about the machine. There's always a collection of people out there though for which "stock" is never enough.

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Enter the folks at SeriousHP Horsepower Performance, which we're guessing is said as Serious Horsepower Horsepower Performance. Regardless, they've just converted a Challenger Hellcat to run on E85, and the power jump is immediate.

Okay, so they've also changed the fuel pump, injectors, driveshaft, and updated the ECU tuning as well. The result is that the car now produces 753 horsepower at the wheels. That's significant because the 707 horsepower stock claim is rated at the crank. The torque figure for the E85 car is up at 670 pound-feet, which is an extremely healthy jump as well.

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SeriousHP claim that the current limiting factor for pushing the power further is actually the transmission. Their test car is fitted with the eight-speed automatic, and if they produce more juice the transmission will wind up quitting its day job in spectacular fashion. Work is being done to find ways to make that gearbox a more stout unit for what SeriousHP has in mind.

You know it won't be long until we see a 1,000-horsepower Hellcat stalking long straightways and devouring tires... which is kind of what the 707-horsepower version already does really. 


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